Stop Sleeping With the Enemy

Stop Sleeping With the Enemy

Hire a seasoned bedbug exterminator in Houston TX

Your arms and legs are covered with insect bites, your sheets are dotted with reddish stains and you can see tiny dark spots in your bed. If you have a bedbug infestation, turn to EnviroCare Pest Services for bedbug heat treatment.

We've worked hard to become the go-to bedbug extermination company in the Houston, TX area. We offer chemical and bedbug heat treatment services.

Eliminate your bedbug problem quickly and efficiently. Schedule bedbug control with EnviroCare Pest Services right away by calling 346-256-7952.

Say goodnight to your bedbug infestation

We've been providing effective bedbug treatment for home and business owners of Houston, TX for years. We treat hotels, senior living centers, schools, prisons and apartment complexes.

Get a free estimate on bedbug heat treatment from EnviroCare Pest Services now. We also offer termite, spider, beetle and mosquito control services.